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When can I expect to get my money ?

It will normally take 1-2 working days i.e. excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, from the receipt of your package.

How will I be paid?

You can be paid by cheque to your specified address or via bank transfer.

How do I work out the value of my gold?

If you know the weight in grams and the carat of the gold, simply use the calculator on the home page of our web site.

What if I don’t know the weight or carat of my gold?

We will check the carat of the gold for you and then weigh it. The scales we use are electronic and government passed scales to calculate the exact weight. For any items that need to be returned, there will be a charge of £9.50 to cover postage, packaging and administration.

Please Note:
When testing the gold, small tarnishes may occur, which should be able to be polished out but we accept no responsibility for this.

What if my jewellery contains stones?

We only buy gold or platinum, so stones or non precious metals, such as springs, fillings and any base metals will be estimated before being removed.

What types of items do you pay for?

All types of Gold and Platinum

Do you pay for gold plated and costume jewellery?


What if the free quotation is different from my online calculation?

The prices we pay are for the prices fixed on the morning we receive the gold. We use electronic and government passed scales to accurately measure the weight of your gold.  Our quotation is free and you are under no obligation to accept when we contact you. 

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  • Professional Service
  • Latest Gold Prices
  • Free Quotation
  • Free Postage
  • Free Service
  • Professional Service: The Gold Recycling Centre is a long established jewellers based in Kingston-upon-Thames. You'll get an accurate and reliable quotation, as well as professional advice.
  • Latest Gold Prices: Our prices are updated daily to reflect the latest market price for gold. You can check the value of your gold now with our gold calculator on our main website.
  • Free Quotation: We do not charge to provide a valuation of your gold including any testing process that may be required
  • Free Postage: We make it free and easy to sell your gold with us. When you complete the online order form, we send you a Gold Kit with your FREE Royal Mail Special Delivery. We pay the postage for you.
  • Free Service: We do NOT make any additional service charges for our online service. This means that the quote you get is the money you make - NO DEDUCTIONS.

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About Us


The Gold Recycling Centre is part of the Antony James group (precious metals) which is a family firm, based in Kingston for over 30 years. We were formally known as Decroware, a manufacturer of jewellery and famous for the knot and facet rings.

As a manufacturer, we started recycling gold 30 years ago and our experience has enabled us to launch a fully recyclable service with the Gold Recycling Centre.

  • Simple and straightforward process to sell gold - getting you the best price available at the time of the sale - please use our Gold Calculator to value your gold on our main website.
  • Person service to confirm the sale and your preferred arrangements for payment.  We're happy to advise you on any questions you may have about your gold or the process.
  • We believe in recycling gold as it helps to reduce the requirement for gold mining and minimise the impact on the planet's resources.

We can eliminate your gold waste and recycle your unwanted gold jewellery, helping the environment as well as your finances.

Don't hesitate to contact us to understand more about what we do.

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